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Sweet Promises
Wedding Cakes



We are located in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina.
We deliver to Asheville and the surrounding areas.



PLEASE NOTE: If the facility were your reception is held requires a vendor fee which is a
percentage of the total cost of your cake, we have no choice but to add that cost back to you.
We regret that we must pass this cost to you. However because of our already
low prices, we cannot be responsible for the additional vendor charges.

Below are a list of questions that brides usually ask. Hopefully, you will find the answer to your questions here.

1. How far in advance should I order my cake?
Summer and Fall dates book quickly, so it is best to order your cake at least six to nine months in advance.

2. Is a deposit required to order my wedding cake? Yes. The order will not be confirmed and the wedding date secured until we have actually written an order explaining all details of the cake and delivery information. You will be given a copy of the order. A 25% non refundable deposit is required before a date can be held. Final payment for the cake is due two weeks before the wedding date.

3. Is there a delivery charge for delivering the wedding cake? Yes, there is a delivery charge for the time involved in delivering and setting up the cake. The delivery charge is $35.00 within Buncombe County. Out of Buncombe County is based on the distance, but usually ranges from $45 to $75 for surrounding counties.. Placing the flowers on the cake is included in this charge. However, if the flowers are not at the reception site at the agreed delivery time, we are not able to wait for the flowers to arrive. In this case, arrangments should be made for the florist to place the flowers on the cake.

4. After I have ordered the cake and paid a deposit, when is the balance due? The balance for the wedding cake is due at least 14 days before the wedding date. If you request it, we will be glad to send a notice a few weeks before showing the final balance due. We cannot delivery your wedding cake if a final payment has not been received.

5. Can I pick up my wedding cake? Yes, you can choose to pick up the wedding cake. In fact, we do not usually offer delivery on small wedding cakes (delivery requires a $275.00 order for Buncombe County.) . Please be advised that we are not responsible for a wedding cake that is picked up and damaged after it leaves Sweet Promises.

6. If plates, stands a fountain or other equipment is used for my cake, do I need to return these items? Yes! We take a deposit for the replacement cost of any of our equipment used in the wedding cake. This is handled as a separate check apart from the cost of the wedding cake. After the wedding, when all equipment is returned to us clean and in good condition, we will return your check to you. We ask that you return any equipment within five days of the wedding.

7. Can I have more than one flavor for my wedding cake? Yes. This is a great idea. For a three tiered cake, we allow up to two flavors. On four tiered cakes, we allow up to three flavor choices without an extra charge.

8. Can I use fresh flowers on the cake?: If you choose to use fresh flowers, just make sure to let your florist know that the flowers for the cake should not be flowers that have been sprayed with any insecticides.

9. Do you offer Cake Tastings/Consultations? Yes. We offer one cake tasting/consultation at no charge. If an additonal consultation is needed, there is a $25.00 charge. Whenever you set up an appointment to come out and discuss your wedding cake, we offer a tasting of my most popular flavors. This link will provide helpful information about our cake tastings: Set up a Cake Tastings

10. I'm having a large wedding and would like to cut down on the cost of my cake, do you have any suggestions?
Sheet cakes or "kitchen cakes" are a great way to save money if you are having a large wedding. Each single layer half sheet cake is iced smooth with a top and bottom border. A single layer half sheet cakes serves 35-40 and are priced at $45.00 each for a basic cake flavor with butter cream frosting. We can also do a two layer, half sheet cake which will serve 75-80 guests. The cost for the two layer, haft sheet cake is $90.00 for a basic cake flavor. For example, if you are having a wedding where you will be serving 280 guests, you could order your wedding cake to serve 200 and then have two single layer, half sheet cakes which would serve approx. 80 guests or one two layer, half sheet cake that would serve approx. 80 guests. . This would give you enough servings and would also be less expensive than a tiered cake to serve 280 guests.




Sweet Promises Wedding Cakes

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